Thank you for writing this article. I’m appreciate you took the time to share this with us.

As a Black man, I have been in your situation, and frankly, haven’t always handled them as diplomatically as I could have. Being a male allows you to act stupid at times.

It’s incredible how a cadre of mediocre white men can express a level of confidence that covers up their total incompetence. The fact you were in Dubi teaching a course on EQ to a bunch of white men tells me they were there taking it because they a) they screwed something up at work due to their bull in a china shop mentality, b) family problems with their wives and children, or c) some combination of a and b.

While you experienced a temporary lack of sense of self-confidence in front of a white training class, you remembered, “you’ve done this before” you were the expert, regardless of race or gender. They may have whispered about your skin color or the fact you were female teaching a bunch of men; I am convinced that there was no doubt about your knowledge and expertise by the end of the course.

I say this with high confidence because it’s clear to me you’ve taught the course before, you’re an expert in this area, and you’re just damn good at what you do. If you weren’t, people wouldn’t have signed up for your program.

Good article. Thank you for sharing it.

I am a son, husband, father, and grandfather. I write for them. When not doing that, I’m a Management Consultant and Executive Coach.

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