Sadly, as indicated in your article, you fit the profile. Black man driving a BMW, malfunctioning tale light, and the sudden lane change. Bad enough you were driving a BMW while Black, but the lane change, well that sealed it for the cop, you had to be smoking something.

The phony ‘it smells like you were smoking weed’ was in the mind of the cop going to get him an arrest and boost his creds with his fellow officers. Sadly for him, all he could do was write you a citation for a malfunctioning taillight after wasting department resources in a low revenue-producing traffic stop.

For the cop, a typical day, for you a lifelong traumatic experience that triggers flashbacks every time you see a police car in your rearview mirror.

As you pointed out, this could have turned out very differently for you. Fortunately, you drove away with a citation and directions to update license and registration information if you continued driving in the state. But, the vividness of this experience is always in the forefront of your mind every time a cop car is behind you or passes you.

No way for anyone to live. Especially for those who can drive nice cars, obey the law, and at times fall prey to the malfunctions of the vehicle we operate, giving some cops the pretext to stop us leaving us with newfound or recurring nightmares.

Appreciate you sharing.

I am a son, husband, father, and grandfather. I write for them. When not doing that, I’m a Management Consultant and Executive Coach.