Interesting and instructive article. Found myself thinking back to my junior high schools days when we covered the topic slavery. In my high school American History class, it was discussed from the viewpoint of it being the cause of the Civil War. Those classes stuck with me to this day.

As I moved on to a class in World History, it covered the history of Europe, but the nib of slavery was intertwined in the discussion not from the aspect of chattel slavery but slavery of conquest. Which, for me, solidified the horrors of chattel slavery practiced in the United States, along with the concerted effort to keep those enslaved ignorant and dependent on their owners. By not allowing them to learn to read or write while enslaved. Or providing substandard education after their freedom under the rubric of separate but equal educational opportunities.

Reading that ridiculous Idaho Bill in their attempt to stop what cannot be contained makes what you have written all the more important. Efforts to prevent discussions about America’s slavery past will fail. In fact, I believe they already have, and they just don’t know it yet.

Enjoyed reading your article look forward to reading more of them.

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