"After a while, she told me her biggest fear as a grieving sister. She was afraid her brother would be forgotten. She did not want people to live their lives as he didn’t exist because he was alive in every single thing she did or said. He is part of her story, and she wanted everyone to remember that. And that is all she desired that night, to talk about him and share loving stories."

I understand how your friend felt. For I too, didn't want my son to be forgotten. It's been 14 years since his death for me it was like yesterday, but, I know better. Recently I wrote about it here in Unique, it wasn't easy for me share. But, it's helping me move forward in fact it's the reason I started writing.

Thank you for sharing your story of your friend. I know it couldn't have been easy.

I am a son, husband, father, and grandfather. I write for them. When not doing that, I’m a Management Consultant and Executive Coach.

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