For some strange reason, police invoke some unwritten rule whenever they encounter a Black people

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“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God, he created them; male and female, he created them.
— Gen 1:27

I have lived long enough to know encounters with the police, for someone who looks like me, can suddenly go off the rails regardless of my standing in the community. Living where I did, being pulled over by the local police, was inevitable. Fortunately, most encounters were noneventful.

However, I remember one I found puzzling. It occurred at a police station in the town of Berlin adjacent to where I lived. …

So much to unpack and discuss, but bottom line, I agree with your assessment. This coming from a recovering diversity consultant. From the viewpoint of one who has seen what was supposed to be a gateway toward opening things up for non-white employees, I have seen this has become the yawn discussion at most management meetings.

Middle managers tend to be the roadblock for most so-called diversity initiatives that come down from the management ivory tower. …

Ms. Stevens, James Baldwin opening words from Stranger in the Village,

"From all available evidence no black man had ever set foot in this tiny Swiss village before I came. I was told before arriving that I would probably be a "sight" for the village; I took this to mean that people of my complexion were rarely seen in Switzerland, and also that city people are always of a 'sight' outside of the city. It did not occur to me - possibly because I am an American- that there could be people anywhere who had never seen a Negro."


As a former diversity consultant, I witness firsthand the process described in this article. While the author lays out her six reasons a CDO leaves, I think she misses a critical aspect that will derail any prospects of success for a company to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Companies large and small focus on their bottom line, mainly in the area of profit maximization. Their strategic plan is constructed in such a manner to maximize profits. So when senior management meets with their people, their focus is on profit growth.

Talk about diversity is often not part of the discussion…

What a wonderful piece. Thank you for sharing this. "Aim for progress not perfection." A great tag line. I really enjoyed reading this.

"After a while, she told me her biggest fear as a grieving sister. She was afraid her brother would be forgotten. She did not want people to live their lives as he didn’t exist because he was alive in every single thing she did or said. He is part of her story, and she wanted everyone to remember that. And that is all she desired that night, to talk about him and share loving stories."

I understand how your friend felt. For I too, didn't want my son to be forgotten. It's been 14 years since his death for me…

I don't it to be true, but it's said black widow spiders are know to play with their mates before the fatal sting. Your friend may be penniless but based on what you wrote about previous lovers she had he's alive.

Really enjoyed this story.

Sounds like your friend left on his own terms for a job with better benefits. It’s better to go on terms he negotiated and not have been forced out due to a layoff. Easier to get a job when you already have one.

However, you’re correct when you point out the rug can be pulled out from under you at a moment’s notice if management feels the need to reduce costs by reducing headcount.

Layoffs are always about reducing overhead – salaries, which increase their bottom line. If they could automate your job functions, they would, for the simple reason, employees are just damn expensive.

I know you’re happy for your friend, the question I have, is when you will be following suit?

Dave, I am interested in writing for your publication.

I believe what we see in the likes of MTG and others like her is what the founders viewed what would be the make-up of the House. Hot headed boisterous individuals constantly clamoring for all sorts of impossibilities.

She has the support of 74% of her district is telling. Those individuals who voted for didn't vote for her to legislate for them, but to be as disruptive as she could. She wasn't sent there to help in getting help from the Federal government, but to be a disruptive force. Which on its face in nonsensical, as it prevents any meaningful legislation from being accomplished impacting the well being of the country, because House has to spend time dealing with nut cases like her.

Timothy A. Wilson

I am a son, husband, father, and grandfather. I write for them. When not doing that, I’m a Management Consultant and Executive Coach.

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