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What my coffee machine journey reminded me about life

I love the smell of coffee in the morning! Who doesn’t? Waking up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee is invigorating, and what better way to start your day.

Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I immediately knew something was amiss as I walked into the kitchen. I was…

I remember it was, Sixty-seven years ago, my grandmother passed. An event I’m surprised I even remember, considering I was six years old at the time.

Family from all over came to Syracuse to bury their mother. My Uncle’s house was packed; he was holding the repast dinner. Several of…

When I was very young, my maternal grandmother died. I might have been 5 or 6 at the time. The family was at my Uncle Luther’s house, and two of my uncles got into a significant argument. Accusations and threats were flying from both while everyone stood around watching.



I read your Medium article, Eight Problems With Critical Race Theory, in anticipation of learning something new on this topic. Instead, I got a subjective and questionable analysis on a topic I wonder if you know much about., …

Sadly, as indicated in your article, you fit the profile. Black man driving a BMW, malfunctioning tale light, and the sudden lane change. Bad enough you were driving a BMW while Black, but the lane change, well that sealed it for the cop, you had to be smoking something.


Until a few months ago, CRT wasn’t on anyone’s radar screen, and now it’s become the latest boogyman.

Those on the right, specifically the Heritage Foundation, have become adept at stirring up parents – many who are highly reactive – to make outlandish demands on a topic they know next to nothing about.

I’ve notice critics of CRT stress the fact it’s taught by liberal professors in liberal universities. They desperately want their children to graduate from those same universities and brag about when asked how their kids are doing at college.

Their hypocrisy is boundless.

The best defense against ignorance is knowledge. Better to know and understand what CRT is than to pretend you do base on manufactured lies constructed to do nothing but elicit raw emotional responses, which lead to ugly outcomes based on the lies being told

Interesting and instructive article. Found myself thinking back to my junior high schools days when we covered the topic slavery. In my high school American History class, it was discussed from the viewpoint of it being the cause of the Civil War. Those classes stuck with me to this day.

Especially those of you who have never competed in sports

Piers Morgan, and others need to leave Simone Biles alone.

If you think this young lady doesn’t want to compete, you are wrong.

There isn’t a person on earth who hasn’t seen what she can do. Her practices alone could set records. There is no doubt in my mind her…

Reading this excellent piece I found myself lingering on one specific clause, "schools are no longer segregated." For me the essence of your entire argument.

The racial slurs and epithets one can endure, but, short change them on education you not only harm them but either willingly or unwillingly this racist policy impacts those who administer it as well.

Wealth is not just the material things one has acquired, but it is also the intellectual capital and to short change oneself of this because of racist policies in my opinion is indeed the proverbial cutting your nose of to spite your face.

Our past and current racist polices around education continue to slow and restrict our growth.

Appreciate you writing this fine piece.

Mr. Smith, your reason for opposition to discussing CRT is precisely why it needs to be addressed. Let me correct that, discussed and understood what it really is and is not.

As I said, CRT has been around for quite some time. However, since the promotion of the 1619 project…

Timothy A. Wilson

I am a son, husband, father, and grandfather. I write for them. When not doing that, I’m a Management Consultant and Executive Coach.

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