You claim I’m a race hustler; where is your proof?

Who have I hustled? Provide examples.

What have I said in this conversation that makes me a hustler?

One of the better articles I’ve read here on Medium on CRT.

I have to agree it is critical thinking these conservatives are against. Their fear of questions is indeed their weakness.

Logic suggests prosperity comes from groups – regardless of skin pigmentation – working together not, from exclusion.

However, this requires one to assess things from a critical thinking point of view, not from a narrow-mindedness.

Take away or discourage critical thinking and replace it with groupthink and you have nothing but mindless robots.

I would submit that studying critical race theory is extremely important. It will help us understand how we can become a more inclusive society and eliminate racism as we know it today.

I agree. Most meetings are a total time suck. Rarely accomplish what they set out to do and usually end with nothing accomplished except to schedule another meeting to discuss the same BS.

There is a role for meetings, but as you pointed out, that role was suborned by the ego of the management team drunk on their power to call supperless meetings just to flaunt their control.

Which, by the way, is an ole management trick to stall off their bosses (everyone has a boss) because they don’t have the answers to the questions being asked of them.

More could be said, but you get my point.

Timothy A. Wilson

I am a son, husband, father, and grandfather. I write for them. When not doing that, I’m a Management Consultant and Executive Coach.

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